About Us

Love A Pit Rescue was founded late 2007 when we started out as a Placement Program catching Pit Bulls
before they ended up in shelters, and found them new homes in the local area. We placed Pit Bulls from
homes, and helped several shelters find homes for dogs that were close to being put to sleep. For the
last almost four years we have been rescuing single dogs at a time. Now getting ready to step up as more of
a rescue, we are taking on a handful of dogs at a time. We hope to start more community outreach programs
and help owners to hold on to their dogs. The rate and amount of what we will be able to do will be
determined between how much funding we can get by the general public in our community, and how much support we
will get from the pit bull community. The kennels were shot down so we are having to do most rescue activities
in our home instead of a facility like we wanted. The facility was to be open to the public for walk ins, but
now will have to be by appointment only. We still want to help Pit Bulls stuck in the shelters, and looking at
a death sentance as much as possible, but to do that, we must help dogs. Love A Pit Rescue does not discriminate
we will accept Owner Surrender Pit Bulls with signature of release of interest and ownership to Love A Pit
Rescue, space permitting. Love A Pit Rescue is always looking for fosters, and if anyone is able to step up
and apply for such a position. We will supply food and vetting to any of our foster dogs. Look for our
online application soon. Our old on-line form doesn't work with our new domain server, so for a while it
will be downloadable .pdf applications. Adobe Reader 10.X will be required.

Love a Pit is located approximately 25 miles south of Portland, Oregon. We have 3 acres, and am working
on long term of having the whole property fenced to allow free run of the dogs during supervised play.
We are currently accept animals, on a space available bases. We pull animals for re-placement on far and few
basis on a case to case basis. If you would like to become a foster, or adopt, feel free to call us. 503-334-6601.

We have been active in the advocation district of the pit bull world for a while now, including fighting to
change some laws to make things not quite so hard on pit bull owners. Our number one daily call, is a person
wanting to surrender their pit bull because they can't find a place new place to go with their dog. We are wanting
to help make legislature where insurance and landlords can't discriminate by breed. Dogs are accepted or they are not.
we have a couple of other organizations that we have been working with that are on the same like mind paths, and are
assisting where we can to help make these laws happen. Petition and other such work that could use supporters will
be posted on our facebook page. You can get to it by the facebook cube at the bottom of the main page, or on our donation
page. We've been advocating and helping to keep the support up for such community events as Portland Pit Bull Parade
and making people aware of such programs, where they can get education, support, and see a large group of pit bulls
getting along, and not the monsters that media plays them out to be. We hope some of you will join us on that journey.
you can look up Portland Pit Bull Parade on facebook, also their mother company, Portland Pit Bull Project.