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Age: 2 Yrs, Fixed: Yes, Weight: 45 lbs, Vaccinations: Current

Karma is a young and energetic American Bull Terrier/American Bull Dog Cross. She is loving and
would love to be part of your family. Still having some issues with running, and can be a little
fixated on cats, but getting better. She loves to cuddle, play, and is good with kids. Can be a
little Dog Selective until properly introduced. Karma should go to an experienced home with an
active life style, or large well securely fenced in area.

Adoption Fee and Home Check Apply.

Age: 5.6 Yrs, Fixed: Yes, Weight: 70 lbs, Vaccinations: Current

Hunter is great with people, kids, and dog selective until propertly introduced. Hunter currently
lives with 3 other dogs in complete harmony (3 females). He needs to be watched with farm animals
but is ok with cats. Has allergies and must be kept on flea protection. List of known allergies
can be given. He has a high prey drive, and may chase anything that moves. Strong active 70 lb male
and if fixates can pull hard. Loves his wire kennel, loves to snuggle and play. Great at emotional
support, playing with toys, and his goofy personality will keep you smiling. UTD on shots, and fixed.
Halti Trained, Halti, Leash, Toy, Jacket, and copy of last two years of medical records included.

Home Check and Adoption Fee Apply.

Age: Approx. 3 Yrs, Fixed: Yes, Weight: 60 lbs, Vaccinations: Current

Jasper is an active 3 yr old male that enjoys water, play toys, and belly rubs. He loves to sit
on the couch with you and getting lots of attention. He is reactive to cats, but is improving with
some training. Halti Trained and Halti, Leash, and Collar included. Jacket came in with Jasper
and can go with him, but I didn't care for the color, you can take or pick a new one. He can be
dog selective, and meet and greet should be done before adoption process is started. Grain allergy,
and the bag of Diamond Naturals he is on will go with him. Sometimes growls in play, and can be taken
as dominancy as he carries that type of personality when allowed.

Adoption Fee and Home Check Apply.

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Dog Listing Coming Soon!
Dog Listing Coming Soon!
Dog Listing Coming Soon!

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