We were shot down by our neighbors for our conditional use permit, so we are running our rescue
out of our home like we said we would. We've been rescuing in our community for 8 yrs now, and we
will continue to do so. We are still building our play yard for the dogs, even if we can't have the
facility that would have stopped what everyone's concerns were. We had some local community influence
as well, but will not state by whom. We are not here to mud sling and it isn't anyone's business. If
you would like to continue to support us, here are the things we can always use to function at our best.

If You Want To Follow Our Progress Of Building It Will Be Here And On Our Facebook
Community Page. You Can Find Us Here:

Love A Pit Rescue's Facebook Page!

If you want to donate a little cash to help releive the stresses financially of keeping
us up and running, you can always donate with the Pay Pal Donate button below. No Emails
to copy and paste, no hard to complete steps, just click on the button, fill in the details
and complete your donation transaction. All funding goes directly to our Merchant ID, which
goes into our Rescue's Corporate Account. Even $2 helps. Thanks for reading.

We are getting ready to build our Play Yard for the dogs that can't be off leash as such as
my own, that I have had the time to put into, to make this a reality. All items building
wise must be new or in like new conditon (excluding the Railroad Ties for the barrier wall).
A full list of things we are looking for is listed below. Please take a moment to read.

Our List

Things We Can Always Use.

We have filed 501c3 and are waiting response, we hope to offer tax deductable receipts soon.

To Make Donations Directly To Our Vet Please Contact:

Newberg Veterinary Hospital
3716 E Portland Rd.
Newberg, OR 97132


Our rescue account is under my personal name of Joe Frazier, as they will
not make a rescue account for us until we're 501c3.