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Love A Pit Rescue Is Now 501c3!!!

Would you take a child to an orphanage or an adoption agency just because of that
child's color of skin? How about leaving that same child along the side of the road
or a major highway to get hit? Most would say that they wouldn't. But it happens everyday
right under everyone's nose. It's called breed discrimination. Good, friendly,
and loving Pit Bulls get taken to Animal Control Shelters. Dropped along the side of roads, even
euthanized as soon as they come through The Shelters doors. Just on the basis that they ARE
Pit Bulls! Not because they are mean, ill tempered, or even sick! So you say you're not racist,
or a biggot? Prove it, give a Pit Bull A Chance! These great dogs deserve it, and will show you
all the love and loyalty double fold over any other dog. Oh, And Love A Pit Today!

Love A Pit Rescue's Doors Are Now Open!!!

We were notified with a Discrepancy in our website trying to connect with other pit
lovers through Web Ring. We have since removed ourselves from Web Ring, and apologize for any wrong
ideas that were broadcast about us through the advertisements that were listed within such site.
Web Ring has been removed from our site, and will not be shown here again. Thanks for the continued
visits, and interest in our dogs. Please feel free to drop us a line about any problems within our
site at pitbulls@loveapit.org.

Love a Pit is located approximately 25 miles south of Portland, Oregon. We have 3 acres, and are currently.
working on building a play yard for our rescue dogs, we've invested into a pool for the dogs, and a pump to keep
it clean. If you would like to help us finish building, you can always donate. Look for the Pay Pal donate
buttons coming soon. In the mean time you can donate directly through Pay Pal at pitbulls@loveapit.org. All
funds go directly into our rescue bank account. 501c3 is filed and we hope to soon offer tax deduction receipts.

Love A Pit Rescue is a small 3 dog rescue. We fill up fast, but we take well care of our dogs. The
main goal behind Love A Pit Rescue is to put out more WELL behaved and responsible pit bulls in the
local communities. We are also working on starting several programs including dog food bank, and low
income/cost vaccine clinics. Many things are still in the works, but we're just about past all our legal
documents to be soon full blown papered rescue. We will post when our 501c3 has cleared, and our pay pal
is fee free to donate to, our Amazon Wishlist is up and running, and we are fully ready to start programs.
For the most up to date information on what's happening at Love A Pit Rescue, please follow us on our Facebook
page. We have a small facebook cube at the bottom of the page, and you can click on it to go directly to our
page, or we will have a hyperlink provided soon. Feel free to contact us anytime via email or phone.
503-334-6601. Thank you for visiting loveapit.org.

If you would like to make a small donation to help care for the animals, for new equipment for them to play with
assist with the play yard, or whatever your cause may be through us, you can now do it quickly and easily from here.
No more copying and pasting email addresses, etc. This button donates directly to our Merchant ID and deposits directly
into our rescue's Business Account. Just use the Pay Pal Donate Button Below!

The Most Complete List I Know Of, Where BSL's Are and Are Not in Place Or Standings!

Breed Ban List - Where it's passed, where it hasn't

Loveapit.org's main purpose is to educate on the truths, myths, and the greatness of these
dogs. Love A Pit Rescue is devoted to helping these dogs, one dog at a time, or as they need it.
We are a small rescue organization. Few dogs are physically kept here except our own.
We help as we can, but as our devotion and dedication to these dogs gets out, we fill up fast.
Feel free to contact us at any case. If we can't take your dog, we may know a rescue or organization
that can. Thank you for Visiting Love A Pit.
We have a couple of Rescues that we work with hand in hand now, and we currently are looking at
supporting Clackamas County Dog Control's program as all Pit Bulls unless deemed sick or agressive
gets the same 3 months chance to be adopted out. Their video cd that you get at time of adoption
is targeted more towards Pit Bulls, but is great advice for training any dog. If You want more
information, and are looking at some great Pit Bulls, you can visit them at...

Clackamas County Animal Control
13141 SE Highway 212,
Clackamas, OR 97015.

Willamette Humane Society is pro pit bull.... support your local causes. If you can't find a dog that
you want out of your local shelters or rescues, these guys are worth the trip.

We don't push for any adoptions from any particular rescue, shelter, or group as long as
Pit Bulls are finding homes. We'd prefer for ours to find homes first, so please look at our
adoptables page before visiting other sources listed here. If none of your needs are met by what
has been posted here or these two shelters, please visit our Resources page, as it lists rescues
by state, and will later include Shelters also. We are on limited budgets compared to larger shelters
such as Clackamas County So Please Look Here First. We provide these listing to make your dog finding
experiences easier in case you don't see a dog you like here.

Have a wonderful Day, and Please, Love a Pit.

Please if you have any questions feel free to contact us at the contact link on the side.

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