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Here is my first rescue, and the one that started all this for me, the passion for
the breed, the love for their great disposition, everything I fight for now when I
hear of a Pit Bull in trouble. This is Dosha, I found her at Clackamas County Animal
Shelter, and she was 3 days away from Euthanization, as her 3 months time there was
up. She stole my heart right from the beginning, but being the responsible Pit Bull
owner that I have been right from the start, I took her to the play yard, and interacted
with her for 45 minutes before telling anyone that I wanted her. I was scanning for
any tendacies, or aggressions that I would need to work on right away, or could be big
problems for me down the road. She was a sweetheart right from the get go, even though
her previous owner had been mean to her and even beat her. Now, 2 1/2 yrs later, we are
still together, as she ended up becoming mine. We bonded like glue on the first day, and
have been unseperatable every since! I love her to pieces, she's my baby!

Emma was a rescue from a military soldier that was being shipped over to Iraq, and
had no one to take care of his dog. So they listed on Yamco to try to find her a home.
When the listing failed, I was notified of her situation 3 days before he had to
move his stuff and ship out. Now Emma is placed with a partially disabled war vet
in Albany, Oregon. She's tuned into him in the week and a half she's been down there
(8/31/09), and has since then detected, and pulled David, her new owner to a safe spot
before a seizure has hit. She has done this 4 times since she has been with him. She
even alerted David's care giver next door that he had a bad seizure, so that his care giver
could call 911, and get him to the hospital. We are in the process of making Emma a medical
or Service Dog for David. A Happy Placement for both Emma and David... A happy tail to wag!

****UPDATE*** Watch Dog has decided to pay for a microchipping of Emma for David, so
If Emma gets away in a seizure, she can be returned safely to David, or Me.

Adopted through Yamhill County Animal Shelter! 4 days after she entered the adoption
Program. I have no info on this adoption, so no updates will be available at this time.

Whitney's leash was placed in my friends hand, and the owner yelled "Here take her!" As
He ran off. Situations being what they were, she was confiscated from my friend before
I could get to Whitney to place her in the adoption program here. Not knowing any history
Of Whitney, her future wasn't looking good at Yamhill County Animal Shelter. A Phone call
later, with some information about this sweet, loving girl, and she made it on the adoption
rouster at the shelter. Whitney was spayed, and caught up on her shots, and then placed on
the adoption floor. This cute face caught lots of attention, and was adopted into a good
home 4 days after she hit the adoption floor. Another Happy Ending for what was looking like
a bleak future for another Pit Bull. We were glad to assist this happy girl to find a new
forever home that she can live out the rest of her days!

Chico, Now Brutus was a placement from an owner that had to give up his dog. He went through one adoption
that didn't go as planned on either side. We reclaimed the dog, and put him in another rescue. His fosters
fell in love with him, and he became part of their family! He's last known doing well, but we have lost
contact with the family that has him. We hope that all continues to go well in his life. WTG Brutus!!

Hunter is our newest rescue we personally took in. His meet and greet went so well and the results at home, that
we decided to keep him. He's approximately 2 yrs old and a pit/dalmation mix. He is the sweetest boy and we're glad
to help him. He was on the euthanization list at a local shelter and we went and picked him up on his last day.
Once again we are glad we got him. He's smart, quick to learn, and fitting in well. Hopefully he will be with us for a long time!!

Transferred 6/1/2011

Sierra was adopted by a nice guy, and is doing well. She has come out of her shell, greets
people willingly now, and is more proned to interacting and playing with other dogs. She has
become a great success story from our organization!!

Breezie, my daughter has fallen in love with, and now has been together with her for a few months. She
is becoming more adventurous and trusting in other people. She still visits our facility on a regular basis,
plays with the dogs she knows from her rescue, and interacts quite well. We miss her very much!

Kody I was approached by someone while I was in the store with my pit service dog, and asked to help her
locate a new home for him. I had no room and didn't want to see him go to the pound, so a friend of ours
took him in. They fell in love and he has now become part of the normal family, with lots of love, and
kids to play with. You can tell by the pic, that he is very happy!!

Conan was looking at being re-homed because of his anxiety when his owner left. He tore up things, sat
on counters, and was destroying a wire crate at about the rate of one a month. We assisted with vaccines
and loaned out some interactive toys to keep him busy while she was gone. Behavior improved, he was sitting
and greeting when she came home instead of darting out, and most importantly, he wasn't tearing up the house
and kennels. The owner kept Conan for another year and a half, then moved. Last we heard he was being kept
in a trailer and was being threatened with animal control. We were not set up at that time to take dogs, nor
set up legally to keep dogs. Our attempts to locate a foster failed, and we lost contact with Conan.

Doug was a dog that we came in contact with, by their owner meeting my service dog in the store. We got talking
about training and some of the things going on with their bully breed. We agreed to take a look at and evaluate
their dog. We instantly fell in love with Doug and his personality, and offered some help in training Doug as he
had very little dog social skills. We trained for a while until we had given about all the tools we knew to help
Doug, and it was just consistancy at that point. Doug has attended a few bully walks, even though closer to the
back of the pack, and last time we heard still doing well. Good Going Doug!

Brandi and her brother went through a 2 alarm apartment fire. Both were burned very severely. Simba was later
lost due to complications. Brandi however has moved on to heal quite nicely. She has healed past this photo, but
this was the best shot I had of her, without involving the family in the photo, which I do not have permission to do
publically on our website. We helped with some donations to make home, just that, home again when she came back. We
donated a dog bed, a jacket, some bandana's and a few other little items. Most importantly, we raised funds to help
this family pay off their vet bill, and we kept their story in the public's eye, so people continued to donate directly
to their vet. Between our coverage, the vet's reader board, and Chase Bank giving an account to help collect donations
Their vet bill has been completely paid off! Great going from our community, and everyone else that follows our pit bull
postings, pages, etc! Together we can make a difference!